Growth of Digital Technology

Electronics on the Rise

The late 1990’s saw an explosion of technology. Cellphones were fast becoming the ubiquitous necessity of modern life. The video game industry was booming with
 the release of the Sony Playstation 2, and computers and the Internet continued their meteoritic rise.

Between 1991 and 2005, mobile phone use increased by an astounding 13550 percent.  Personal computer users increased 610 percent, and Internet use, the harbinger of our current connected society, shot up 21900 percent.[14]

Cell Phone Explosion

The real numbers are equally impressive. There are currently over five billion mobile

phones in use throughout the world, with six billion projected to be in use by 2012.  Since 1994, over ten billion mobile phones have been purchased, indicating that five billion phones are either in landfills or someone’s dresser drawer.[15]  In June of 2008, worldwide personal computers in use reached 1 billion, with another billion expected by 2014.[16]

Videogames, Digital Cameras and Smartphones:

Add to the list today’s current video game consoles(Playstation 3, Wii and Xbox 360 ) which have sold 184 million alone[17][18] [19], digital cameras, with annual sales of 138 million expected by 2015[20], and smartphones, with quarterly sales alone of 81 million[21], and there is no question that the goods needed for our digital lifestyles are in high demand.  Unfortunately, it was this surge in electronics demand that led military factions to violently exploit a people, environment, and a world’s needs for new electronic devices and the tantalum they need to operate.

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